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NVIDIA Jetson Developer System

  • Y-C9-DEV Development System
  • Y-C9-DEV Development System
  • Y-C9-DEV Development System
  • Y-C9-DEV Development System
Y-C9-DEV Development SystemY-C9-DEV Development SystemY-C9-DEV Development SystemY-C9-DEV Development System

Y-C9-DEV Development System

Board size: 136mm×100mm×43mm
Power Requirements: DC +12V
Working temperature: -20~+65℃
Weight: 563g

Y-C9-DEV is a development systemwith NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier core module, suitable for compact deployment requirements. For industrial deployment applications, the main ofthe carrier boardinterfaces are designed for electrostatic safety protection, and high-reliability electrical source application scheme, the input power supply has overvoltage and reverse polarity protection functions, and has a wealth of external interfaces.A wide temperature model is used.

The Y-C9 carrier board can carry hundreds of functional modules through 2 MiniPCIe connectors to further expand the system functions.exhibition. It can be extended to 4 Gigabit Ethernet signals, 2 full-speed SATA signals, and can also be equipped with Mini PCIe storage, various formatsVideo capture/output card, AD capture card, multi-serial port card, sound capture/output card, multi-function IO card...

Product features

3 full-speed USB3.1 Type-A connectors
1 Micro USB connector (Debug)
1 USB Type-C connector
1 Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 BASE-T) RJ45 connector
1 M.2 Key M connector, supports Type 2280 storage devices
1 HDMI 2.0 port (maximum 6Gbps, 24bpp,4096x2160@60Hz)
1 working indicator light
1 fan control interface
2 full-length MiniPCIe connectors
Supports automatic power-on or key-press start after power-on
Onboard Power, Reset, Recovery buttons

2 3.3V TTL serial ports
Board size: 136mm×100mm×43 mm
Power requirements: DC +12V
Working temperature: -20~+65℃

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Technical Specification

AI Perf

GPU NVIDIA Volta architecture with 512 NVIDIA CUDA cores and 64 Tensor cores


8-core NVIDIACarmelArmv8.2 64-bit CPU
8MB L2 + 4MB L3
DL Accelerator


32GB 256-bit LPDDR4x
Storage 32GB eMMC 5.1


Up to 6 cameras
(36 via virtual channels)
16 lanes MIPI CSI-2 | 8 lanes SLVS-EC
D-PHY 1.2 (up to 40 Gbps)
C-PHY 1.1 (up to 62 Gbps)

Video Encode

4x 4K60 (H.265)
8x 4K30 (H.265)
16x 1080p60 (H.265)
32x 1080p30 (H.265)
30x1080p30 (H.264)

Video Decode

2x 8K30 (H.265)
6x 4K60 (H.265)
12x 4K30 (H.265)
26x 1080p60 (H.265)
52x 1080p30 (H.265)
30x 1080p30 (H.264)
UPTH 8x PCIe Gen4 | 8x SLVS-EC
3x USB 3.1
Single Lane UFS


10W | 15W | 30W


100mm x 87mm
699-pin connector
Integrated Thermal Transfer Plate