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Founded in 2009, Plink-AI technology focuses on GPU solutions. It is the general agent in North China of Leadtek technology, a world-famous brand. It has been invited to become a NVIDIA partner with a full stack of NVIDIA products solutions.

Plink-AI technology takes the game graphics card, professional graphics card, GPU server, embedded AI integrated machine scheme as the main product line, serves the data center, cloud service, independent machine, medical instrument, intelligent agriculture, intelligent logistics, intelligent city, security, vehicle road coordination, industrial automation, education and scientific research and other industries, and has accumulated a large number of implementable programs, while in-depth learning DLI training On the basis of that, we will export AI professionals for the society.

Plink-AI technology adheres to the tenet of serving customers, strives for survival with quality, and provides GPU one-stop solution for customers.

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Phone: +86-010-62962285

Tel: +86-010-62962285

Email: sale@plink-ai.com

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