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NVIDIA Jetson Embedded Systems

  • Jetson Nano IPC SYS-2006
  • Jetson Nano IPC SYS-2006
Jetson Nano IPC SYS-2006Jetson Nano IPC SYS-2006

Jetson Nano IPC SYS-2006

Jetson Nano IPC Nano-SYS-2006

NVIDIA Jetson Nano Module

Embedded Computer SYS-2006


* NVIDIA Jetson Carrier Board:

Support NVIDIA Jetson Nano Module

* Versatile Connectivity:
Offer 1x RJ45, 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, 1x HDMI and 1x USB Micro B

* Advanced Peripherals Supported:
Assemble 1x TF slot, 1x Nano SIM, 2 RS232, 3x GPIO, 1x GPO

* Input Power: DC +9V~+24V

* Compact and Durable duri
ng Operation:
Design in small size of 160mm*133mm*65mm to save operation space, and maintain function in the temperature range from -20°C to 65℃

* Expansion:

4G communication module, WIFI/Bluetooth module, Video capture/output module, Multi I/O module.

Product Name


Jetson Module Supported

NVIDIA Jetson Nano

AI Processor 472 GFLOPS
GPU 128-core NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture GPU
CPU Quad-Core Arm® Cortex®-A57 MPCore processor


4GB 64-bit LPDDR4


16GB eMMC 5.1

Video Encode

1x 4K30 (H.265)
2x 1080p60 (H.265)

Video Decode
1x 4K60 (H.265)
4x 1080p60 (H.265)

CSI Camera
Up to 4 cameras
12 lanes MIPI CSI-2
D-PHY 1.1 (up to 18 Gbps)

1x Gigabit Ethernet(10/100/1000 BAST-T) RJ45
2x USB 3.0 Type-A
1x USB 2.0
1x Micro USB



Other I/O 1x Micro TF,1x Nano SIM,2x RS232,3x GPIO,1x GPO


160mm x 133mm x 65mm
Weight 808g
Operating Temperature
Power DC +9V~+24V


* robots and robotics

* face recognition
* Unmanned boats/cars
* Industrial automation and control systems
* Digital signage and media players
* IoT (Internet of Things) and embedded systems

* Education and prototyping projects

* Pre-installed NVIDIA Jetpack, JetPack SDK includes a board support package (BSP), Linux OS, NVIDIA CUDA, cuDNN, and TensorRT software libraries for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, multimedia processing, etc.
* Support entire Jetson software stack and various developer tools for building fast and robust AI application provided by PLink-AI